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Nata il 27/01/2010

HD/A - CEA/PRA/KAT 0 - JRD Carrier - MDR1 -/-

Giovane Campionessa Serba

Campionessa Serba




Camanna Coast To Coast at Bahatiview Ch. Lynaire The Sinful Touch Ch. Lynaire Touch of Frost Lynaire Midnight Blue
Remlaw Midnight Diamond at Lynaire
Lynaire Touch of Love at Norftanton Ch. Starbrook Touch of Gold at Lynaire
Lynaire Casual Romance at Norfranton
Amalie Soul Singer at Camanna Geason Flashback at Mallicot Ch. Elsamos Starmaker at Mallicot
Ch. Geosan Chocolate Box
Amalie Dixies Black Ch. Silver's Inspiration Xanadu
Blue Amalie Colynia's Paradise
Camanna Casual Affair Ch. Camanna the Copyst Ch. Camanna The Craftworker Juraleen The Jazz Singer at Lynaire
Camanna Coco Chanel
Arranbrook Miss Glittergold at Camanna Lynaire All in Gold
Arranbrook Angie Babe
Camanna Cherie Amour Lynaire Travlin Man Ch. Silver's Inspiration Xanadu
Ch. Lynaire Silver Cascade
Camanna Pasty Cline Ch. Camanna The Copyist
Mallicot Ice Dancer at Rixown








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