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Dallinaire Un Miracle of Love

(CEA/PRA/KAT 0 - HD/A- Jrd Clear - Mdr1 -/-)






Dallinaire Un Miracle of Love

Ch. Lynmead Timeless Affair Amalie Mild Affaire Amalie Mild and Bitter
Ch. Delbar Delightfully Amalie
Lynmead Danfrebek Truly Yours Ch. Lynmead Simplyin my Soul
Lynmead Your Truly to Danfrebek
Ch. Monsolana Sunmiss at Dallinaire Ch. Amalie Mild Winter Amalie Mild Affaire
Ch. Amalie Sweet Surprise
Ch. Elsamos Over the Moon Ch Amalie Deep in my Soul
Elsamos Moonglow

Va Dove Ti Porta il Cuore dell'Isola dei Collies at Giuly's Dreams

Eldorado of Lowlands Green Valley Ch. Dior of Lowlands Green Valley Bogart of Lowlands Green Valley
Trésor of Lowlands Green Valley
Ch. V de Chanel of Lowlands Green Valley Amalie By Design
Rayon de Soleil de Vaillancourt
Orange Sensation From Samhaven Total Recall du Clos de Seawind to Samhaven Old Smokey des Beldones
Penny Lane du Clos de Seawind
Samhaven Coast of Chelborn Amalie Mild Affair
Ch. Samhaven Coral














Giuly's Dreams Oh Oh Piccola Kelly - Femmina 1 Fulva (ceduta)





Giuly's Dreams Oh My Charlotte - Femmina 2 Fulva (ceduta)






Giuly's Dreams One Drop Of Love - Femmina 3 Fulva (ceduta)






Giuly's Dreams One More Time - Maschio 1 Fulvo (ceduto)






Giuly's Dreams Only You - Maschio 2 Fulvo  (ceduto)






Giuly's Dreams One Love - Maschio 3 Fulvo (ceduto)



















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