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Multi Ch. After Earth

HD/A - Cea 0




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Multi Ch.Giuly's Dreams I Love You

(CEA1 /PRA/Kat 0 - HD/A - )






After Earth Dallinaire Un Miracle of Love Ch. Lynmead Timeless Affair Amalie Mild Affair
Lynmead Danfrebek Truly Yours
Ch. Monsolana Sunmiss at Dallinaire Ch. Amalie Mild Winter
Ch. Elsamos Over The Moon
Alabama Captured Dream Fulvo della Cambianella Dream Lover Fulvo della Cambianella
Pretty Woman Nera Della Cambianella
Over The Rainbow Nera della Cambianella Unlimited Shine Fulvo della Cambianella
Silence Please Nera della Cambianella

Giuly's Dreams I Love You

Ch. Steadwyn Blue Legend Ch. Be Exclusive's Spirit of Legends Ch. Uglebjerg Big Fat Snake
Twin Acres Priscilla Alden
Steadwyn Best Of Me Takanja's It's Show Time
Ch. Steadwyn Windflower
Ch. Fire and Ice di Paradise Collies Ch. Dean Vandamme di Paradise Collies Ch. Van Glenalan Starmaker
Ch. Toffee Black della Collina dei Ciliegi
Prince of Sunlight Xtravagant Touch My Soul de Cathyja
Prince of Sunlight Something to Remember







Giuly's Dreams Yes,  I Am





Giuly's Dreams Yesterday and Today





Giuly's Dreams Yourself





Giuly's Dreams Young Yovis





Giuly's Dreams Your are My Destiny













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