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Nato il 13/02/2012

HD/B - CEA/PRA/KAT 0 - JRD Clear - MDR1 -/-




Dallinaire Un Miracle of Love Ch. Lynmead Timeless Affair Amalie Mild Affaire Amalie Mild and Bitter
Ch. Delbar Delightfully Amalie
Lynmead Danfrebek Truly Yours Ch. Lynmead Simplyin my Soul
Lynmead Your Truly to Danfrebek
Ch. Monsolana Sunmiss at Dallinaire Ch. Amalie Mild Winter Amalie Mild Affaire
Ch. Amalie Sweet Surprise
Ch. Elsamos Over the Moon Ch Amalie Deep in my Soul
Elsamos Moonglow
Multi Ch. Fire and Ice di Paradise Collies Ch. Dean Vandame di Paradise Collies Ch. Van Glenalan Starmaker Ch. Harold Halfpennyworth
Laura del Narciso
Ch. Tofee Black della Collina dei Ciliegi Elevetor To Heaven of Lady's Dream
Xmas Wish For Maggie della Collina dei Ciliegi
Prince of Sunlight Xtravagant Touch my Soul de Cathyja Ch. Narwick Silver Blue de Cathyja
Ouest Side Story Black de Catyja
Prince of Sunlight Something to Remember Yahooc Vom Old Tom
Ch. Prince of Sunlight Black Hurrigan








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