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Ch. Dennisay's Diamond Heart

Ch. Steadlyn Huckleberry Finn Ch. Steadlyn Radical Black Ch. Steadlyn Totalizer
Ch. Steadlyn Snowdance
Ch. Steadlyn Huckleberry Dots Ch. Shep's Huckleberry Boy
Steadlyn Flirtation
Ch. True Love of Glencoe Valley Absolutely Winner of Glencoe Valley Steadlyn Solid Black
Steadlyn Wine 'N' Roses
Inspiration of Glencoe Valley Steadlyn Solid Black
Ch. Blue Beverly of Glencoe Valley

Ch. Melissa We Love di Paradise Collies

Ch. Moonlight Dreamer Dallinaire Ch. Elsamos Star Traveller Ch Amalie Deep in my Soul
Elsamos Moonglow
Ch. Monsolana Sunmiss at Dallinaire Ch. Amalie Mild Winter
Ch. Elsamos Over the Moon
Sarahjeanne di Paradise Collies Ch. Dean Vandamme di Paradise Collie Ch. Van Glenalan Starmaker
Ch. Tofee Black della Collina dei Ciliegi
Yellow Stone Red Moon della Collina dei Ciliegi Ch. Dylan della Collina dei Ciliegi
Bepopalula della Collina dei Ciliegi




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