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Ch. Lewis Of River Tweed

(HD/A - CEA 0)






Lewis of River Tweed
Honky-Tonk-Man of River Tweed Ch. Samhaven Toast Marster Ch. Aaronwell Antique Gold at Brilyn
Ch. Samhaven Toast
Evanescent Love of River Tweed Crusader des Beldones
All or Nothing of River Tweed
Farewell Angelina of River Tweed Copyright of River Tweed Ch. Xotic Lover of Slatestone
Up and Over The Moon of River Tweed
Up and Over The Moon of River Tweed Ch. Scottlyme You're my Man
Pepita Black of River Tweed


Time Will Tell at Lujoan Dreams Collies to Giuly's Dream
Ch. Dennisay's Diamond Heart Ch. Steadlyn Huckleberry Finn Ch. Steadlyn Radical Black
Ch. Steadlyn Huckleberry Dots
Ch. True Love of Glencoe Valley Absolutely Winner of Glencoe Valley
Inspiration of Glencoe Valley
Ch. Diamond Glow at Lujoan Dreams Collies Ch. Thunderclap Alex Lucky Starline Golden Garlic
Thunderclap Love in Paradise
Ch. Leozeda Give Me Hope Nyitramenti Harley Davidson
Bela of Leozeda










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Giuly's Dreams Taycan  - Femmina 3 Tricolore Prenotata


Giuly's Dreams Ti Scatterņ una Foto - Femmina 4 Fulva Resta in Allevamento



Giuly's Dreams True Love - Femmina 5 Fulva Prenotata



Giuly's Dreams This is Me - Femmina 6 Fulva Prenotata











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